In one of my previous articles on service mesh, there were a couple of questions related to the relationship between Service Mesh and API Gateway. So, in this post, I’m planning to discuss the usage of Service Mesh and API Gateway.

In order to differentiate API Gateways and service mesh…

With Microservices architecture, a single software application/functionality is implemented as a combination of multiple microservices and their interactions. Hence the communications between services and their coordination are vital for a successful realization of microservices architecture.

It is important to understand that, the tasks that an ESB does in an ESB…

Nowadays, Microservices is one of the most popular buzz-words in the field of software architecture. There are quite a lot of learning materials on the fundamentals and the benefits of microservices, but there are very few resources on how you can use microservices in the real world enterprise scenarios.


I’ve been writing/speaking on the topics related to Microservices for a quite a sometime. Although many people now understand the fundamentals of microservices architecture, still there’s a quite a lot of confusion when it comes to the application of Microservices with API and Integration technologies.

From Monolithic Applications to Microservices

Let’s start our discussion with…

Brown-field enterprises require to integrate the existing software application, services, systems and data, to form new software solutions to realize business functionalities.

The task of plumbing these applications, services, systems and data is known as Enterprise Integration.

Although Enterprise Integration is not a new thing, with the increasing adoption of…

In this post I will discuss the current state of the Enterprise Integration landscape, the characteristics of future integration middleware and how Ballerina; a new programming language which is designed and optimized for integration, empowers the future of Enterprise Integration middleware.

State of Enterprise Integration Technologies Landscape

Brown-field enterprises require to integrate the existing software application…

Kasun Indrasiri

Sr. Program Manager at Microsoft Azure Messaging Services, O’Reilly Author of gRPC & Cloud Native Patterns, Ex-Architect & PM WSO2 ESB/EI, Speaker @KubeCon

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